Sleeping With Red Light [on September 18, 2020 at 5:42 PM ]

Sleeping With Red Light    [on September 18, 2020 at 5:42 PM ]

Have you spent many nights tossing and turning more than actually sleeping? If you have you are not alone. As many as 70 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep disorder. Not getting adequate sleep affects every aspect of one’s life.
Sleep deprivation can be dire causing poor cognitive function in everyday life. Inadequate sleep can cause slower response times, decreased performance, and alertness.

Lack of sleep can be a contributing factor to weight gain. Studies have shown there is a clear connection between quality of sleep and gaining weight. When the body lacks sleep there is a decrease in leptin. Leptin is an appetite suppressing hormone.

The amount of sleep you get can affect the amount of inflammation in the body. Sleeping too much or too little can cause added inflammation. Inflammation in of itself is not bad. Inflammation in the short term is how the body’s immune system fights off a virus or heals an infection. Inflammation though can be harmful if it is long term and becomes chronic. Over a period of time, chronic inflammation can have a negative impact on the body which could result in developing diseases from asthma to cancer.

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Light plays a large role in the amount and quality of the sleep you get each night. The proper light plays a role in the sleep cycle. The body’s circadian clock sees light as a signal when it is time to go to sleep and be awake. Light also helps to regulate appetite, metabolism, hormone levels and the immune system.

Red light therapy works by the light hitting the eye. this light is detected by photoreceptors. Photoreceptors are the photosensitive cells in the retina. These cells in turn send a message to the hypothalamus which is responsible for maintaining the body’s internal clock by releasing melatonin.

The circadian rhythm of the body is affected by the amount of red and blue light the body receives. The type of light you are exposed to is important. Natural sunlight is the best. If you suffer from any type of sleep disorder choose your light source carefully.

Limit exposure to blue light especially in the evening. Blue light is stimulating and can alter your body’s internal clock anywhere from one and half hours to three hours. Blue light uses a high color temperature. The body reacts to blue light as if it is bright sunlight during the daytime.

Blue light such as electronic devices, phones, tablets, computers as well as any compact fluorescent light should not be used in the bedroom or in the evening hours.

Compact fluorescent bulbs have been known to emit a lot of blue light and also cause vision problems. Individuals exposed to compact fluorescent lights have 12% more vision problems than those who were not.

To achieve the most peaceful sleep avoid blue light and use red light therapy at night for sleep. There have been many clinical studies done on red light therapy. In one study in Brazil in 2018, migraine sufferers were exposed to red light. The participants were found to have an improvement in their migraines as well as much improvement in their sleep.

In a 2013 Taiwanese study, electrical brain activity was analyzed of individuals using red light therapy before during and after each session. After the study it was discovered participants had an easier time of falling asleep and noticeable improvement in their sleep disorders.

Sleeping with red light is a natural, pain-free way to get the sleep your body needs. Red light uses an ideal low color temperature and helps the body transition into a natural sleep cycle by producing more melatonin.

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