Tea For Sleep [on December 11, 2020 at 10:04 AM ]

Tea For Sleep    [on December 11, 2020 at 10:04 AM ]

I am a big fan of using herbal remedies and teas for sleep. I recently tried a new tea from Alta Farms. Alta Farms is a hydroponic family-owned farm in Utah. They use no chemicals and all their teas are made from all-natural ingredients. All teas contain no GMOs, no caffeine, and no calories.

Tea For Sleep

Alta Farms has several different herbal teas to choose from:

Lavender and Chamomile – good for sleep and stress, tastes great
Mint Infusion – Reduces inflammation, relieves pain, and tastes great
Orange and Cinnamon – Good for anxiety and stress, tastes great

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All teas from Alta Farms have all natural hemp added in for an enhanced experience.

The tea that I drank was the Chamomile and Lavender. The tea bag is wrapped individually for the freshest quality, flavor, and aroma. This tea is made from chamomile, lavender, valerian root, and rose hips and has all-natural hemp added in.

I drank the tea before bed and did notice I felt more relaxed and calm. The tea had a pleasant taste which surprised me because sometimes herbal teas can have a not so pleasant taste. I would definitely drink this tea for sleep again. I find this sleep tea a much better alternative to other sleeping remedies such as sleeping pills. Drinking tea for sleep is much safer for you, non-addictive, and has no side effects.

What is the Best Tea for Sleep?

The best tea to drink before bed for sleep is something that contains chamomile, lavender, or valerian root. Chamomile is a known sleep inducer. It has an antioxidant called apigenin. Chamomile tea has a large amount of apigenin. The apigenin attaches to the brain’s receptors which helps to induce sleep and reduce anxiety.

Lavender is beneficial in treating insomnia. Lavender is good for not only treating sleep disorders but also depression, anxiety, headaches, skin irritations, hair loss, acne, and even toothaches.

Valerian root has been used since ancient times in helping improve sleep. It contains several compounds that work to promote restful sleep and reduce anxiety. These compounds are isovaleric acid, valerenic acid and antioxidants. Research has shown that low amounts of GABA are linked to low quality sleep and anxiety. GABA is the chemical messenger in the brain that regulates the nerves in the nervous system and brain. Valerian is said to prevent the GABA from being broke down into the body which results in less anxiety and better sleep.

Can you Drink a Tea for Sleep Every Night?

Generally, it is safe to drink a herbal tea every night though some herbs such as chamomile might have some side effects for certain individuals. Some people have reported allergic reactions to chamomile. If you are nursing, pregnant, or have high blood pressure you may want to consult with your physician before consuming any tea for sleep.

If you are thinking about trying a herbal tea for sleep I highly suggest the Chamomile and Lavender for sleep and relaxation by Alta Farms.

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