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EP 055: Dreams: the next frontier for advertising? – Dr Sara C. Mednick — from Sleep Junkies

 Imagine if corporations could place adverts for their products inside your dreams. It ...

EP:054: A unified theory of dreaming? – Robert Stickgold and Antonio Zadra — from Sleep Junkies

We talk to legendary sleep researcher Robert Stickgold, and eminent dream scientist ...

The effectiveness of your Covid jab may depend on sleep and the time of day — from Sleep Junkies

By Annie Curtis, Senior Lecturer, Medicine and Health Sciences, RCSI University of ...

Evidence shows the moon impacts our sleep, but scientists aren’t exactly sure why — from Sleep Junkies

The placement of the moon in the sky might not even cross your mind when it comes to ...

053: Sleep supplements: science or snake oil? Part 2 – Jesse Cook — from Sleep Junkies

In the second part of our deep dive into sleep supplements we take a look at the ...

052: Sleep supplements: science or snake oil? Part 1 – Jesse Cook — from Sleep Junkies

When we’re seeking solutions to health problems we generally look to doctors and ...

051: Pregnancy and baby sleep – beyond the mom blogs: Dr Jade Wu — from Sleep Junkies

In today’s episode we discuss all things pregnancy and baby sleep with physician, host of ...

049: Measurement or intervention? The role of sleep technology – Dr Michael Grandner — from Sleep Junkies

Only a few years ago, the phrase consumer sleep technology was synonymous with sleep ...
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