The Level Sleep® Adjustable Bed Frame


Take your sleep to the next level with the Level Sleep® Adjustable Bed Frame. Upgrade your bedroom with an easy to assemble adjustable frame that transforms the way you sleep. The Level Sleep® Adjustable Frame is designed to keep you comfortable and supported at the touch of a button. Our frame is totally customizable, able to provide personalized comfort or powerful support in whatever position you like.

Improved Wellbeing

The inclined setting can help with relief from snoring and indigestion while raising the lower half can help with circulation and built up pressure on your back. Ease stress and tension with the massage setting.

Multi-Setting Comfort

Enjoy a frame that that fully supports you in the right position for eating, reading, working, relaxing or sleeping in bed. A simple wireless remote makes control easy and intuitive.

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity setting relieves pressure on your back while improving circulation. When combined with your Level Sleep® mattress which is proven to reduce back-pain, your sleep will be truly out of this world.

Easily Assembled

The frame has the fastest assembly of any in the industry — no extra tools required. The sturdy legs offer three different height settings for further customization and to be a seamless addition to your bedroom.

The Level Sleep® Adjustable Bed Frame
The Level Sleep® Adjustable Bed Frame

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